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Virtual conference 网路会议 .

Due to the pandemic situation, this year's T2M conference will take place online. The participation is free of charge. The analogue conference will probably take place in Shanghai next year. In preparation, this year's conference will take place together with the THNS Forum in Shanghai. So that participants of the THNS Forum can also attend to the T2M conference and vice versa.

THNS Forum 论坛会议通知 .

THNS - Transports à Haut Niveau de Service

Encouraged by the agreement signed in 2007 between the Chinese Ministry of Housing, Urban Planning and Rural Construction and the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Sea, and the agreement signed in 2015 between the Chinese Ministry of Transportation and the French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition, The International Symposium on Sustainable Development of Urban Transport Systems (Forum THNS : “Transports à Haut Niveau de Service”) was jointly initiated by Tongji University, ParisTech and Mission Transports Intelligent of French Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea in 2008. The participants are international experts in urban planning and urban management, transport, public transport, rail transport, energy and the environment, government policy makers and representatives of the business community. As an annual forum since 2008, 11 editions of THNS have been successfully organized in Shanghai, in Shenzhen and in Paris, with the attendance of more than 1000 participants. The THNS 2015 in Paris was enlisted as one of events of the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21).

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Call for Paper THNS (Dateline 15th September, 2020)

    Call for Papers 论文征集 .

    Belts and Roads: Governmental Visions for Transport and Mobility Strategic Transport Infrastructures and the State

    The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M) calls for papers to be presented at its 18th annual conference, which will take place in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, on 22– 25 October 2020. The Local Organising Committee of T²M invites all academic researchers and practitioners working on history, sociology, politics and planning of transport, traffic and mobility to participate in the Conference, a scientific meeting dedicated to the study of strategic
    transport infrastructures and the state. The Conference will take place at Tongji University in Shanghai. The city provides an ideal setting for discussing the role of the state for big transport infrastructure planning. The conference will include an opportunity to visit China and its Belt and Road initiative. The T²M Annual Conference is open to papers and sessions on any field or topic of historical and social science mobility studies. However, we especially invite the submission of single papers or full sessions (three papers) on any topic related to “strategic transport infrastructures and the state”. The conference title focuses on the history and future of governmental transport infrastructures in vision, planning, and implementation. Sessions should analyse these governmental programs and their economic, political and military implications. We encourage submissions for the analysis of strategic governmental planning from urban to intercontinental transport. Governmental visions and plans were absolutely crucial for the erection of transport infrastructures throughout history, but the actual motivation for the selection of this year’s specific theme is the official Chinese vision and policy for transcontinental economic exchange and infrastructures, which in 2013 was named „One Belt, One Road“ (OBOR) (Yīdài Yīlù, 一带一路). The name recenty changed to Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)to avoid the focus on one connection alone, as the policy includes many transport connections via land and sea. Sometimes, the initiative is called the new economic Silk
    Road (Xīn Sīchóuzhīlù, 新丝绸之路). The term „new silk road“ refers to the economic connections between China and Europe since the second century BC and throughout medieval and early modern history. However, the term „silk road“ was coined by the geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen not before the 1870s. Tongji University, which is one of the leading research universities in China and in planning sciences often cited as number one in the country, has strong international relations. The University has created colleges with European Universities since many years, e.g. CDHK (Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg) and IFCIM (Institut Franco-Chinois d'Ingénierie et de Management). The T2M conference will take place in the premises of CHDK. IFCIM will invite to a second eventon ``Transport with a High Level of Service`` (THNS2020) at the same time. The organizing committee does comprise members from Tongji University, CDHK, Center for Global History of Shanghai University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing) and Nanjing University. In order to advance collaboration between universities and policy makers, both academic researchers and practitioners working on transport and border issues are most welcome to attend. It is a T²M tradition that paper and session proposals are not limited to the general topic. We ask for paper and session proposals for all themes in the field of transport, traffic and mobility. By this, the annual conference will give, in a broad way, an up-to-date overview on the field of historical transport and mobility studies. The Conference language is English.

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    Deadlines & Submissions 截止日期和提交 .

    We are now evaluating the entries and will inform the participants shortly. This year the conference will take place on four days: 22, 23, + 29-30 October. Due to the global time difference, there will only be a maximum of four presentations per day. We ask for your understanding that this year we cannot consider as many contributions as in the past . The deadline for the full paper (6-8 pages) is August 31, 2020 as we will distribute all papers beforehand in an online version (via the upload link underneath). Presenters at the Conference may assume that their paper has been read and they should prepare a fifteen-minute summary to allow for debate and discussion within the session.

    Registration & Full Paper Hand-In 报名与全纸交接:

      Individual paper proposals:

      - a summary in English no longer than a half page - 300 words
      - a short 100/150-words biographical note, with indication of academic title or professional position, address and e-mail address

      For a session:

      - a general presentation - 300 words
      - an abstract of each paper (300 words maximum) as a file attachment
      - a short 100/150-words biographical note for each speaker


      Submission of a fully completed poster form is mandatory for all speakers, for T2M wants to invest more energy into communication. Deadline of final posters is August 15, 2020 to The poster format should be a pdf. It will be published in A2; therefore, pictures should be in fine resolution and letters in appropriate size.
      Posters will be judged. The best posters will receive a prize.


      - All posters should be prepared in advance and brought to the conference by the presenters. The conference organizers are NOT able to receive any posters by mail in advance, print or transport posters.
      - Each poster should be no larger than A0 paper size measuring 84.1 cm (width) × 118.9 cm (height) or 33.1 inches (width) × 46.8 inches (height).
      - Each presenter is allowed one poster and each poster will have its own display board.
      - Poster locations: Posters will be displayed around the auditorium for public viewing.

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      Conference fees 会议费 .

      Due to the digital format, the participation in the conference is free of charge. The log-in link to the conference will be send to all participants in advanced. Furthermore, we highly recommend to become a full member of our international association.

      Non T2M members

      • Full conference (21-25/10/2020)
      • Full fee
      • approximately ¥ 2.500

      T2M members

      • Full conference (21-25/10/2020)
      • Full fee
      • approximately ¥ 2.000

      T2M members

      • (Non-High Income Countries*), Students**
      • Full conference (21-25/10/2020)
      • Full fee
      • approximately ¥ 1.500

      * Ref. Worldbank classification.

      ** For student rate, please send an email to only with the subject line email : “ Student rate : YOUR NAME” and a scan image of your student card or any proof as an attachment. This procedure is linked to respect the confidentiality of data relating to the private life : these data not should be stored on our server. Only the webmaster will access to these: they will be erased after checking.

      Chinese participants

      ¥ 1.000
      • Full conference (21-25/10/2020)
      • Reduced fee
      • approximately 100 €

      Other cost items

      • Social dinner 21st October = 100 RMB Euro per person
      • Evening dinner gala on 24th October 2020, including transportation = 300 RMB per person
      • approximately ¥ 400
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      Payment .

      Here are the bank account informations to pay the conference fees: CR PARIS ET ILE DE FRANCE PARIS MAUBERT
      76, Boulevard St Germain
      750005 Paris
      Name of the account holder: Association Passe-Present-Mobilite
      IBAN: FR76 1820 6000 0565 0008 2953 081
      Reference: please indicate during your bank transfer your full name. Note there is no need to click on tab “Pay by bank transfer” at the bottom of the page. Once you have make bank transfer, we will find into our bank account. You will receive a final registration email and you will get within 2 weeks a formal payment receipt by e-mail.


      Ph.D. students and scholars from emerging countries are encouraged to apply for travel grants at T²M. Please send in your application together with the proposal (Please download a travel grant form at: